"I cannot get enough of what I have heard from this EP. It has a quality of sound that is soulful, funky, bluesy, heartfelt, raw, real and rocking. The sound of Matt Coats cannot honestly be pinpointed or labeled as one particular style. It’s a whole bunch of badass rolled up with passionate vocals, ear shattering guitar riffs and solos, thumping basslines and heart pounding beats.If you like music that is not only meant to be heard but, meant to be felt, then, the Matt Coats Trio needs to be in your collection of music." - Benny Henderson Jr.



Using his vibrant guitar and powerful vocals, Matt has recorded his first solo EP titled “No One’s Home”.

With songs pulling from his old blues influences to songs inspired by new Rock influences, Matt has managed to create his very own signature sound. 

Since the early age of ten, Matt was ahead of most of the musicians that surrounded him. In high school, he continued his study of guitar and playing in small bands with his friends, but also competed with a Nationally recognized marching band as a Trumpet player. Which influenced his interest in studying music in college. Where he would then start his study of Jazz at Tyler Junior College. After a few semesters of dealing with the demanding college life, he sat out to create something new…